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Dubrovnik Postmodern gallery

How to use the VR gallery space

Hubs by Mozilla  – Instructions

Entering the gallery >>

When joining via the link, You will be greeted with a welcome page.

To enter the gallery, first click on Join Room (image 01)

After that you will be prompted to enter Your full name and surname (images 02 and 03).
                                                                  (* upišite ime i prezime bez kvačica)

Graphical user interface, application

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After changing your name and clicking Accept, You will be prompted to use your microphone. Click Block (image 04).

Now You’re all set up and You may enter the virtual gallery by clicking the Enter Room button (image 05).

Movement >>

Computer >

To move around the gallery, use the WASD keys on Your keyboard.

To look around, You may use your mouse (by holding left click and dragging) or by pressing the Q and E buttons to turn left or right.

Mobile >

To move around the gallery, un-pinch (zoom) to go forwards, pinch (unzoom) to go backwards.

To look around, drag Your finger across the screen.

Logo, icon

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Other >

You may also connect external joysticks for navigation within the gallery and use them to move and look around.

Projekt Dubrovnik Postmodern je financiran u sklopu poziva UP. Umjetnost i kultura online bespovratnim sredstvima u ukupnom iznosu od 462.378,36 kuna, od kojih je 85 posto sufinancirano iz Europskog socijalnog fonda, a 15% iz Državnog proračuna Republike Hrvatske.

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Projekt je sufinancirala Europska Unija iz Europskog socijalnog fonda.
Za više o EU fondovima: i
Sadržaj objave isključiva je odgovornost Univerzalnog Istraživačkog instituta UR.